UPDATE [3/Apr/2014]:
This upgrade project has been completed, hence regular parking arrangements now apply. Read More

Temporary Parking Arrangements to Facilitate the Upgrading of the Hospital Ring Road

The University Hospital of the West Indies in collaboration with the National Works Agency (NWA), University of the West Indies Community, Port Authority of Jamaica and Corporate Jamaica has commenced the upgrading of the Hospital’s Ring Road and surrounding parking areas. The Hospital is presently carrying out preparatory work to facilitate smooth flow of the major part of the project which will commence on March 6, 2014. The project is expected to end on or before April 15, 2014.

As a result of the magnitude of work involved, the institution has to restructure its parking arrangements

A. STAFF PARKING---Staff and residents will enter the Hospital via a new entrance on Golding Avenue.

B. PATIENTS AND VISITORS PARKING---Patients and visitors will enter from Golding Avenue near the CEO's residence.

C. STUDENTS AND LECTURERS PARKING---Students and lecturers will park at Taylor Hall and the Faculty of Medical Sciences on the UWI Campus and commute to their respective areas.

D. EMERGENCY VEHICLE---Emergency vehicles will enter and exit via the main gate

E. CONTRACTOR, DELIVERY AND COLLECTION VEHICLES---Vehicles will be allowed to enter the Hospital via the UWI Campus back gate.

External signs will are placed strategically along Golding Avenue to guide persons to the respective parking areas. Further internal signs will be strategically placed to guide persons to their desired service points.

Please be patient with us during the upgrade process as we endeavour to improve the Hospital's Infrastructure to meet the needs of our clients.