After a long hiatus, the renal kidney transplantation programme at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) is back on track.

A nine member surgical team from the Transplant Links Community (TLC) and the UHWI team of Nephrologists, Vascular Surgeons and Urologists, performed two successful kidney transplants. The transplants were done on June 25 and 26, 2019. The operations, which comprised two living related kidney transplants, lasted up to three hours.

Due to the less invasive nature of the surgery, the patients’ stay in hospital was reduced and the recovery period is shortened from months to just a few weeks. It also ensures a better cosmetic result. Patients are also followed up for life.

Organ Transplant Coordinator, UHWI, Ms Andrea Mignott noted that this latest initiative will most definitely improve the quality of life for the persons who benefitted from the project.

“It was a wonderful experience seeing the effort that was displayed, and the operations surely had a great impact on both patients. Kidney transplantation is now a viable and realistic option for persons living with kidney failure.”

Nephrologist, UHWI, Dr Adedamola Soyibo, expressed great appreciation to the team from TLC. “We thank the TLC team for transferring their knowledge and expertise. The level of collaboration between UHWI team and TLC was phenomenal.”

The TLC is a UK registered charity that offers assistance in improving medical skills in developing countries, and saving lives through kidney transplantations.



About The University Hospital of the West Indies:

The University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), accepted its first patient in September 1952 and has since been committed to providing quality training, research and healthcare for Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.  The hospital strives for excellence in maintaining an environment that is conducive to an efficient, cost effective, and responsive health care promotion and delivery system.


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